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Dos Caminos Bakery



Dos Caminos Bakery is a local business specializing in delicious baked goods and pastries. I had the opportunity to collaborate closely with the owner to create a stunning website that would showcase the bakery’s unique offerings and reflect its brand identity. This case study highlights the key steps involved in the website design process, including logo design, brand kit development, and the creation of custom icons and typography.

To establish a strong brand identity, I worked closely with the owner to design a captivating logo for Dos Caminos Bakery. Through multiple iterations and feedback sessions, we created a logo that combined elements of Mexican culture with a modern touch. The logo featured an iconic representation of two paths merging, symbolizing the diverse range of flavors and traditions offered by the bakery.

After finalizing the logo, we proceeded to develop a comprehensive brand kit that would guide the visual elements of the website design. This included selecting a color palette that captured the warmth and vibrancy associated with traditional Mexican cuisine. We chose rich earth tones, such as warm oranges and deep browns, to reflect the bakery’s authentic and inviting atmosphere

Using the insights gathered from the collaborative discussions and the visual assets we created, I began the website design and development process. By employing a user-centric approach, I designed an intuitive and visually captivating interface that highlighted the bakery’s products, services, and events. The website incorporated custom icons and typography to ensure consistency and reinforce the brand’s identity.